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Owning a home in Kentucky means finding a balance between urban and rural life. And in Crescent Springs families are lucky enough to live just off I-71 and a stones throw away from the Ohio River. As a Kentucky homeowner are you prepared for when disaster strikes at your home? Accidents can happen without a moments notice and the only way to protect your home is with a great homeowners insurance policy.


Insurance laws vary from state to state, making shopping for coverage online a difficult process. For many, purchasing the state minimum level of homeowners insurance seems to be enough. But with an additional level of security offered by comprehensive and affordable coverage you can better protect your home and family from the unexpected.

Most people aren’t sure exactly what their current policy covers and simply shop based on their budget alone. As your local Crescent Springs, KY home insurance agents, we are here to help break down your coverage options and find you the best policy to fit your needs and your budget. Our agency will also help connect you with multiple top national insurance providers so that you can compare quotes online in just minutes.


Take the guesswork out of shopping for insurance online by working with your Crescent Springs, KY home insurance agents at IndePro agency today. Don’t get caught without the right level of coverage when you need it most.

Comparing quotes from major national providers online has never been easier! Visit us online today to start comparing quotes and give your family peace of mind with total home insurance coverage.